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Welcome to the AIB Merchant Services (AIBMS) PCI DSS Programme. The introduction of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was an important step forward in card data security. All credit and debit card transactions you accept contain sensitive cardholder information which must be processed, stored and transmitted securely - to protect your customers and your business from the increasing threat of card fraud.

PCI DSS consists of 12 requirements, some or all of which may be applicable to you depending on the nature of your business and whether or not you store card data.

Compliance with PCI Data Security Standards is mandatory per VISA and MasterCard for all merchants who accept credit and debit cards and all acquirers including AIB Merchant Services are required to enforce this with their merchants.

AIB Merchant Services are committed to providing you and your customers with an outstanding level of service, and in support of this major industry initiative we have partnered with Sysnet Global Solutions to set up the AIBMS Merchant Services PCI DSS Programme. This unique service is provided through an online Portal which supplies you with all the information you require to become, and remain, compliant – in a simple, straightforward process. Step by step, the online Portal helps you to understand which requirements are appropriate to your business and guides you through your self-assessment, providing support and help at every stage. It is an ongoing service which ensures that you maintain your compliance – as easily as possible.